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Ridge Runner Publications has been granted special permission to distribute these two fine books. Both books are hardbound and contain additional genealogical information along with a full name index.  You can't beat this price for the amount of information contained in them.

1303--Cemeteries of Trousdale County, Tennessee with Added Genealogical Data compiled by Betty C. Meadows Scott and Nelwyn N. Cannon and published by Bet-Nel Books in 1996 with the assistance of Bill Cannon and Duck River Press. This book contains a grid map and a full name index.

Abstracted from About This Book An Explanation actually found inside the covers of this fantastic book.

The conventional "cemetery book"—usually produced from photocopied 8 ½ x 11 typewritten pages—contains data "copied" by persons physically walking through the cemeteries and recording what is on the tombstones—with perhaps some additional information. In this book we include all the genealogical data conveniently available to us. . . . .
There is one matter. The compilers have done their best to insure the accuracy of the information in this book. Contributors are persons of integrity and care. But it is impossible to guarantee total accuracy in this or any other book. . . . . . . . Stone weathers and becomes illegible given enough time. Lichen covers names and dates. Individuals differ in interpreting what they see on a tombstone. Stonecutters make errors, or use styles of lettering possible of misinterpretation. Though illegal to do so, cemeteries become bulldozed or otherwise destroyed. Info in obituaries and funeral home records is sometimes given in error; and older records is sometimes given in error; and older records list burials in a cemetery whose name has been changed.
For example, early funeral home records do not list as much information as those in later years—i. e.: a funeral home out of town may list burial as "Hartsville" without specifying what cemetery.

In My Opinion:  What are the odds on this book being re-done in the next 25 to 50 years?  I would say they are pretty slim and one being done with this much consideration and additional notes, I will just say, "it just won't happen."  This is the book to add to your genealogy library.  This attractive book is hardbound and although it may or may not have some slight damage it is still a terrific buy for a mere $15.00.  This book is only being offered at this price because it needs to move, we need the space, it's that simple.  Take advantage of this below cost price, supplies are limited and the  books will be sold on a first come first serve basis, with the better books being sold first. Right now you have your pick so don't wait. 



  1304--1880 & 1900 Census Records for Trousdale County Tennessee with Added Genealogical Information and Full Name Indexes compiled from the Microfilm and from Local Genealogical Sources by Betty C. Meadows Scott and Nelwyn N. Cannon and published by Bet-Nel Books in 1998 with the assistance of Bill Cannon and Duck River Press.

About this Book

Transcribing old records can be a headache, and these first two Census Records for Trousdale County, Tennessee were certainly no exception!
We have done our best with the transcriptions exactly from the microfilm, with the Districts our of numerical sequence, and the obviously misspelled names. However, census takers wrote down what they understood the names to be.
In the 1900 Census it was extremely difficult to determine whether the abbreviation for the month was for January or June (Jan/Jun)—they both looked the same! And, when the Soundex System was initiated, that information was written in bold ink across the name in the census!
Added to the frustration were pages of writing which were too faded to read, along with enumerators probably tiring of their job, writing down the wrong information, i.e. F (female) for M (male), dtr (daughter) for son, etc.
But, all in all, we are pleased to publish this work, and we trust researchers will gain an appreciation for a "printed census" instead of becoming bleary-eyed squinting at a microfilm page.
This book is arranged in two parts, the 1880 Census having it’s own section with a full name index and the 1900 with it’s section and full name index.


In My Opinion:  Why would anyone want to re-do this book?  It has it all and the serious researcher and libraries could not go wrong by purchasing a copy of this hardbound book right now.  The price is an unbelievable $15.00 and supplies are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  Some of these books will have some slight damage, not enough to ruin the book in any manner, so the sooner you order your copy the better your chances are of getting a 1st quality book at a below cost price.  You can't go wrong. 


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