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Because where you have been influences where you are going.

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Betty C. Meadows Scott


 Ridge Runner Publications is based in Lafayette, Macon County, TN. and was formed in 1998 by Betty C. Meadows Scott and Shelta R. McCarter Shrum. 

Since Betty and I had ancestors that were at one time in Jackson County, TN and locating information there wasn't as simple as we thought it should be, we decided to begin publishing books starting with Jackson County, TN Marriage and Death Records which was published in October 1998.  This book has really exceeded our expectations as they continue to sell.

Betty has been active in genealogy research for many years. As a member of the Macon County TN Historical Society, she has worked with other members to publish several of their books, including the cemetery books, census records and through her resilience the History of Macon County Families. 

I (Shelta) began with genealogy through a ragged tale of two brothers who supposedly fought  on different sides during the Civil War and deserted rather than risk having to confront one another.  Intrigued by this tale I began digging and learned that while the two brothers did join different sides at no time were they against one another in actual battle.  Amused by this story I became interested in solving some other family traditions including whatever happened to Gr. Gr. Grampa John which lead to reuniting that branch of my family after a near 100 yr separation. 

Through the efforts of Betty and I many books on previously difficult to obtain information has been published, some of which are no longer available, thus making it easier for the family researcher to find the information they were looking for or at the very least giving them a clue to as where to look next.

We hope these books are as enjoyable for you as it has been for us to produce them.



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